New Member Red Badge Program

The 6 step program to help educate, advocate, escalate and motivate you and your business

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You already have by joining NAIFA-VT and our new 1st year proactive, low cost new member program.This new innovative program will get you caught up to speed about NAIFA-VT really quickly and get you involved and meeting new people that are experiencing or have experienced what you’re going thru but are here to help.

So let’s get you started and thinking about your successful career this summer and explain some more details about this program and get you ready for when we come back after summer break in September.

Here are the 6 easy steps to being able to remove your “New Member” sticker

  1. You will have to login to and complete in your profile on the top of the home page and become familiar with this site.


  1. You will be assigned a mentor to guide and support you and meet with you at least once this summer and again after Sept. 1st to see how you’re doing.


  1. You will have the opportunity to be a greeter at one of our monthly meetings starting in September with another new Red Badge program member. This will help you both get to know our members much better as they arrive so you feel a lot more comfortable in the future coming to meetings.


  1. You will have to come to 2 or more monthly NAIFA-VT meetings and I’m sure you could use the CE credits anyway. Plus you may even learn something new or get an idea that you hadn’t thought about before.


  1. You will have to fill out a short NAIFA-VT assessment to help us to constantly improve and be the best NAIFA association we can be. You are our NAIFA-VT future leaders so help us to be more like you would want us to be.


  1. Lastly, you must attend the NAIFA-VT Annual Spring Sales Conference in May. Who wouldn’t want to miss the state’s largest NAIFA meeting filled with amazing speakers from all over the country, great sales ideas, and most importantly our annual awards luncheon? Will you get the next award?


You will not be alone on this journey as your mentor will be holding you accountable. We are going to have a great time. Stay tuned for more info.